Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Obsessions

Winter does not seem to end and I am super excited for spring. Finally the days are starting to get a little bit longer but it is still way to cold outside But in the mean time here are some things  I have been obsessing over.  Clara xxxx

                                            School Essentials
  1. Stabilo Marker in every single neon color there is
  2. New York School Notebook from Target                  
  3.  Topshop Wallet                                                                 
  4.  John Lewis Satchel                                                         
  5.  Neon Post- Its                                                                   
  6. Modena - Italian Design  Pencil Set                          
  7. teNeues Country Timer                                                    
Neon Stabilos
Late Night Blogging + High Knee Socks + Tea = Love
Fortnum & Mason Cranberry Tea
Apple Raspberry Crumble Cake

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