Friday, February 22, 2013

Beauty Post

Hi there! Hope you all feel better than me because I have been sick for a couple of days now and therefore I have to stay at home. The first days being sick aren't too bad, it's actually kind of nice to stay at home and relax. However being sick longer than that turns out to be incredibly boring so that I had to find something useful to do. A few days ago I was inspired by fashion- beauty blog posts. Inspired, I tried to let my clothes, make-up and jewelery look a bit more representative. Oh and by the way these are the first pictures I took with my new Nikon. 
Hope you like them! xxx Ari

Simple and easy way to let your every-day makeup look nicer ; putting it into a simple glass
Hanging jewelry on the corners of a mirror
My favorite bracelets are placed over a bottle of champagne
Arranged clothes by color

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