Friday, April 12, 2013

Brussels - A lovely surprise

On easter weekend my father and I decided to visit a city we've never seen before for a few days and that wouldn't be too far away. Therefore we decided to visit Brussels. I was completely surprised. Such a beautiful, versatile city. I would have never thought that Brussels is sooo awesome! It is known for its fries,waffles and self made chocolate. I tried all these delicious dishes and I can absolutely understand why they are famous for Brussels. In addition to that, in some districts of Brussels you feel like if you were in Paris or some streets may remind you of New York or an other big city. The city is kind of like a mixture of different cities combined but nevertheless it doesn't look chaotic and everything is perfectly arranged.Furthermore Brussels offers shops that we don't have in Germany for example Forever 21 or Pull and Bear.

I fell in love with this city, really. Paris is by far my favorite city and that will never change but Brussels is a lot like Paris and reminds me of it, so I love this city as well. You may think that I'm just
saying that Brussels is beautiful etc... because it's a blog, but no, I would tell you if I would not like a city. Brussels is absolutely stunning, just believe me or just convince yourself by paying Brussels a visit
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xxx, Ari

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  1. Ari! These are incredible photos! Makes me want to visit!

    Juliette Laura