Friday, July 26, 2013

Delicate Jewelry

Recently I've more then often discovered my love for delicate jewelry. I love how delicate jewelry goes with almost every outfit and how it is equally eye-catching to a statement piece of jewelry. They go along with a casual outfit but also with a night-out outfit. To spice the "normal" delicate jewelry look a little bit up I often like to layer different delicate necklaces. You can mix and combine different metals and lengths of necklaces to give your outfit a special note. Here is a selection of my favorite delicate jewelry looks, hope you enjoy them.


In letzter Zeit habe Ich mehr denn je meine Liebe zu "Delicate Jewelry" entdeckt. Ich liebe es einfach wie es zu fast jedem Outfit passt und genauso ein Eye-Catcher sein kann, wie eine Statement große Kette. "Delicate Jewelry" passt zu einem Casual Outfit aber genauso auch zu einem Abendoutfit. Hier ist eine kleine Auswahl von meinen liebsten Looks dazu, ich hoffe es gefällt euch.

                                                                     1. H&M
                                                                     2. Urban Outfitters
                                                                     3. Birth Necklace
                                                                     4. Topshop
                                                                     5. Forever 21
                                                                     6. Topshop
                                                                     7. Asos

My two favorite Delicate Necklaces

I love.. Delicate Arm Jewelry + White Nails

After searching SO long for them finally found them - Delicate Rings

Stay tuned for upcoming Blogposts
xxx  Clara

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